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We are going to take a look at the cloud storage service called dropbox and dropbox was one of the first cloud storage services out there on the internet and many people still believe it to be the best. It’s one of the favorites right up there with Microsoft 'one drive'. Let's take a look now at Dropbox and what it can do for you. Here at dropbox.com and you can see it says your stuff anywhere and that's the idea here is that you can have a drop box on your computer that anything that you put into that dropbox will be available to you on all of your devices. You can anytime call Dropbox Support Phone Number to get more information. So to get set up and ready to use dropbox you can go to dropbox.com and you can click this signup button. However, we really recommend that you sign up a different way. If you know someone who already has a dropbox account you could ask them to send you a link to sign up and if you use their link you'll get bonus storage space and so will they.

Dropbox Technical Support Number

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Ask us to know more techniques of increasing your free space call us at Dropbox Support Phone Number. But if you prefer you can just go to dropbox.com click Sign Up. There are a few simple questions and you will be signed up. To use dropbox and once you're signed up you will be able to sign into dropbox com and you will be able to upload items into your storage area. Notice that you can click on the button to upload. Simply choose files that are on your computer select them. Click open and it pulls it up into my dropbox com account. So now you can see that document that you just recently uploaded. Now that's one way that you can use dropbox just simply open up the internet go to dropbox.com upload things that you want to share or be able to access anywhere you are. Dropbox Support Phone Number is always an option for you if you want to know something you are confused about.

Go to dropbox.com on any other machine login and here you would see the document that you just barely uploaded and you would be able to download that to the computer simply by clicking on it and then clicking the download button at the top. Now you can also link to it if you right click on it. You can click the share link and it gives you a hyperlink that you could email and as you can see there are lots of other options that you have. Because you have uploaded this into your dropbox account so that is a valid way to use dropbox just using dropbox com logging in uploading downloading as needed and sharing links with people that might need it. You can ask Dropbox Support Phone Number for more interesting way to use dropbox account.

To fully use dropbox effectively what you need to do is after signing up click in the upper right corner on your name and choose install and this will download dropbox to your computer setting up for you a drop box folder. If you will on your computer into which you can put just about any kind of file and then it will automatically upload it to your dropbox com account and download it to your other computers and make it available on your other devices like tablets, smartphones things like that. Download dropbox app for free download for windows and all you have to do is click that and it will start downloading it for you. Call us at Dropbox Support Phone Number if you are unable to download the app. We are always there to help you. Just a call and your problems are solved. So call us to clear your doubts about Dropbox.