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If you want to work on dropbox app, you can simply install it from dropbox website. When it's successfully installed and you can click to open your dropbox folder. Dropbox works a little differently with mobile devices like android devices iPads, iPhones, smart phones, and other kinds in those cases you can see the documents in the files and you can access them but they don't really reside on the devices until you tell them to. You can call Dropbox Customer Care Phone Number anytime to get more information on using the app.

Dropbox Customer Care Phone Number

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Dropbox start working to download all of this stuff to the computer and if you look at the icon in the lower right corner there's a spinning circle that indicates that dropbox work to synchronize the files and download them on to the computer. Ask our help center by calling at Dropbox Customer Care Phone Number for more help. The first time you do this it's going to take some time if you have a lot of files online because that it takes a while to download everything to your computer. Files and folders are downloaded to the computer, you just used. They're ready to be used. A couple of things you need to know. Basically any time from now on that you want to put something in dropbox to be, and then go to dropbox folder open that up and simply just drag in the things that you want to be shared and to be taken. If you have any doubts don’t forget to ask by calling Dropbox Customer Care Phone Number.

To those other devices also you can open any of these folders and access the content and you can also generate links that can be sent to people, so that they can access these documents. All you have to do is right click on a document in your dropbox folder and notice that toward the top it says shared dropbox link and if you click it, it copies a link to this specific document and now you can paste that link into an email send it to someone and they will be able to access just that one document in your dropbox. Call us at Dropbox Customer Care Phone Number. We are always online for you. It’s a really great way to send large files.

A wonderful thing about dropbox now you'll notice that in addition to accessing dropbox here in the lower right corner what they call the notification area. It in addition to that dropbox is also now shows up in the list of favorites in the windows explorer and so you can just click here on dropbox. It is there - and in the future if you need it again you could just click there and there it is. In addition to that though there's yet another way to save to dropbox or put things in dropbox. Click Save and that document now is saved in your dropbox which means it's automatically going to be put into your online files and your online cloud storage in at dropbox.com. Dropbox Customer Care Phone Number Is always there to help you to give you solution for every problem. Whatever problems you are facing discuss it with our technicians; they will solve it as fast as possible. So really that's all you need to know to get started using dropbox.