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Working together is more challenging than ever. Information is fragmented, people are spread out and keeping everyone on the same page takes way too much time. Now, you can bring it all together with dropbox for Business, a single platform that connects files, devices, and teams. So no matter where you are in the world it's easy to move projects forward. Let's say you're working on a presentation share a folder with individuals or groups so they can add slides and make edits. When it’s done, you can share the finished file from the desktop, the web, or directly from Microsoft Office. And, as the team admin you get powerful security features to help you closely monitor account activity, control sharing, and protect company data. Plus, with a team folder, it's easy for you to give everyone instant access to important company files. It's the dropbox your team loves; connected to over 300,000 apps they know, built with the space and security that your business needs. And what if you get any issue just let our Dropbox Business support center know about that by calling at Dropbox Tech Support Phone Number and get instant support.

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We're going to cover the main things you need to do to get started on dropbox. Joining your team on Dropbox for business, installing dropbox on your devices and sharing and collaborating on files but first off what you are getting with Dropbox for business. Well to start you and your colleagues will get a seamless transition from the dropbox you know and love but on the business account you will also gain additional features like unlimited deletion recovery version history and as much storage as you need. We'll go over those in more detail soon but let's start at the beginning. The first thing you'll want to do to get started on dropbox is to join your team. You can do this in less than a minute whether you had a dropbox account before or not. If any member of your team wants to know more about dropbox for business just pass them Dropbox Tech Support Phone Number and they will get assistance from our Dropbox Business Support Team.

Let's see what this looks like for our friend Hannah who was just invited to join the team of Absolute Softech. Hannah will receive this email inviting her to join your team on Dropbox for business so she will click join the Absolute Softech team to get started. If Hannah didn't already have a dropbox account, she will set one up right here she will enter an email address and password and her business account is ready to go. She can also call at Dropbox Business Customer Support Number for more help or assistance. Next you'll ask Hannah to set up a personal dropbox. This way she can clearly separate her work and personal stuff while keeping both on her computer. If Hannah has a personal account already, she can use that and if she doesn't have one yet she can also easily create one. If she has any problem with her password she can anytime call us for her Dropbox Password Recovery Process.

At this time dropbox even give her some free space on her personal account as an added bonus for someone, who already had a dropbox account for work say your colleague Daniel the process will be similar. Instead of having to create a work dropbox Daniel can join your team with his existing account all these files will still be there just like before but first we'll ask Daniel to confirm that he's ready to join your team on dropbox for business and that he has in fact been using this account for work files. Just like Hannah Daniel will be able to keep both a personal and work dropbox on all his devices for clear data separation and that's it. Hannah and Daniel are all set up on Dropbox for business. if you're new to dropbox your next step will be to download the dropbox desktop application and if you feel inability in doing that call our Dropbox Business Support Center by dialing Dropbox Tech Support Number for any dropbox related issue.

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The desktop app is court what makes dropbox so easy to use it creates a magic folder on your computer that looks and feels like a regular folder the only difference is that this folder is connected to your dropbox account online. So whenever your computer has an internet connection dropbox will sync any recent changes you made to files across your devices and with your Collaborators. One handy feature to point out on the desktop is called selective sync. It’s under preferences right in your desktop app by default dropbox thinks all your files to your computer's hard drive. So you can easily access them from your desktop but you might not need all of those files taking up space on your computer with selective sync, you can save space and choose which folders to sync to your desktop and which to just keep online. Let us know at Dropbox Tech Support Number if you have any issue in doing this.

Simply uncheck any folders you don't want to sync to your desktop and they'll no longer appear. There you can always access all your files on the Dropbox website or other link devices and you can always reach at that folder if you want to access it from this computer in the future. Dropbox also has a mobile application that you can use with any type of mobile device after downloading the mobile app you can link it to your dropbox account and easily access files on the go. If you favor a file you'll be able to access it even when your device doesn't have an internet connection now that we've set up your team on dropbox the fun really starts. If you want to explore about offline dropbox functioning let us know by calling at Dropbox Business Support Phone Number.

Let's get some files in dropbox so we can start sharing and collaborating adding files to dropbox is as simple as dragging and dropping them into your dropbox folder when you do this the files automatically uploads your dropbox account and show up on dropbox.com. We also have a web up loader but the desktop is better for larger files or for uploading whole folders once you have files in your dropbox you're ready to share them. There are two main ways to share on dropbox for business shared folders and shared links the bread and butter of sharing on dropbox is the shared folder. When you invite colleagues to your shared folder you'll be able to collaboratively edit files and any update. The changes will sync across the group when invite colleagues to a folder will receive an email asking them to join when they accept they will be able to edit files in the folder, delete files and add new ones you'll notice that once you share a folder the folder icon changes from a blank folder icon to one with two people on it. This indicates that the folder is now shared. And if you are not getting this you can call anytime at Dropbox Tech Support Phone Number.

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Since you created the folder you are the owner of that folder on dropbox which means you can control who has access to it and how it can be shared if you right click on your shared folder you’ll see that your first choice is now shared folder options. If you pull that up you can view and manage who is part of your folder. You can invite new users down at the bottom. You can also kick people out by clicking on the gear icon next to your colleagues’ name. When you do that you can either wipe these files from their devices or let them keep a copy. You can also transfer ownership of the folder to make someone else in charge of it. You’ll notice at the top of the folder a description of the sharing settings that are currently in place. If you click Change you can update these settings or can call us at Dropbox Tech Support Phone Number. You can determine whether or not the folder can be shared with people outside of your team and I can decide who can invite people to your folder whether it is just you or anyone in the folder. Lastly you can hit unshared folder at the bottom left here which changes the folder to a private one that only I can access your folders might be organized into a number of different sub folders so let's talk about how this works on dropbox. If you share a folder on dropbox the person you share it with will have access to everything inside that folder including any subfolders. Sometimes you'll want that and sometimes you won't.

One more way to share on dropbox for business you can think of this as a replacement for an email attachment except there's no limit on the file size and the person you share with doesn't even need to have a dropbox account to share a link. Right click on the file and then select share link you can either click get linked to copy this link to your clipboard and send it to someone or you can type your colleagues email address and dropbox will send them an email for you. When you share a link you can also determine who can view the link anyone or only members of my business account after creating link you can delete it at any time. Accidents do happen so it's great that your dropbox for business account comes with unlimited deletion recovery which means you can always bring back a file that's been deleted to restore a file. You'll click on the trashcan icon to view deleted files and all appear in gray. You can then click on any of these and hit restore to bring them back. If you right click on any file, you can also access a complete version history of the file and revert back to a previous version and that's it. We expect you that you know almost everything about dropbox for business now and you also know that if you have any issue you can contact us at Dropbox business support. We are 24*7 online and our technician will never miss t assist you when you call at Dropbox Tech Support Number.